by Kenya Rae

Frequently Asked Questions

I am often asked questions about myself, the site, or the content that I create.  This is a space that you can find answers to those questions.  If there is something else you want to know, that you don't see answered here, feel free to contact me.  I am pretty much an open book….


A lot of times I try to recreate the meals that I have had at a restaurant or out somewhere. As of lately a decent amount of things are inspired by my desire to make as much from scratch as I can.

My copycat Zuppa Tuscana and Chicken Gnocchi are good examples of that.

Also because we only eat chicken, turkey and seafood I also try to recreate meals I formerly ate with beef and pork, but in a new way.  My Tuscan Turkey Burgers will put any beef burger to shame.

Yes! Feel free to share my recipe posts using the social buttons found on the bottom od the page on each.

However, you MAY NOT republish my recipes.

Feel free to include recipes in round ups or reference them in posts using no more than one photo with a link back and proper attribution. C'mon, thats only right….

We are a no beef or pork household. Although I occasionally backslide with a good ribeye steak.

When my hubby and I got together that was his preference. While he made it clear I didn’t have to modify my cooking preferences, I actually enjoy trying to keep this fresh and fun in the kitchen within those limitations.

Often times my recipes can easily substitute different meats in according to your preferences.

If I can and it doesn't take all the hours in a day to make something from scratch, I usually try to.  Even if I don't make it from scratch, I try to do homemade.

And yes, there is a difference!


I find great joy in watching my home transform. Projects are how I personalize my home to work for me and my family within our budget.

Also, working on the different projects are usually therapeutic for me, and serves as a creative outlet.

My kitchen has to be my favorite room in my home, hands down. It is the nucleus of the house to me.  Over the last year, we have done quite a bit of work in there!

But my second favorite is my bedroom. It is my place to hide from my kids of escape and quiet.

About The Site

Kenya Rae is updated at minimum twice a week (unless I am on vacation).  Currently, I do not have set days, but if you always want to know what updates have happened, you can always subscribe to a weekly update here.

My site is completely designed and ran by me.  I am a DIY'er so I am sure that comes as no surprise…lol.

I use the Soledad theme by Penci Design found on the Envato Market.  Previously, I did a lot of my own customizations using the Elementor Page Builder (Pro version).  But I have switched to using the Gutenberg editor in its place on pages to be able to do more dynamic styling without sacrificing page speed.

About Kenya

Nope! I’ve never had training. And while my mom always cooked I wasn’t interested in learning until I got older and moved out.

I am a self-taught home cook and I am led completely by my taste buds.  I had a great role model in the kitchen, my mom.  Although she didn't officially teach me to cook, I would occasionally watch her.  Now we love to exchange recipes and cook for each other.

I do have an undergraduate degree in Health Sciences, and my MBA.  As well as having my insurance license, Lean6 Sigma Green Belt certified and a few other random certifications.

Prior to blogging full time, I was a Financial Analyst for the Department of Defense.

When we moved to NC, the hubs and I made the decision for me to stay home since our youngest was still a toddler, and to help us all get acclimated to our new area.

I have used blogging as my “job” essentially while at home.  I spend a lot of time creating content and designing my site because it is what I enjoy.

I do plan to return to work at some point.  Whenever it feels right.

Have A Question But Don't See The Answer?

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How Can We Work Together?

If interested in working together, you can check out my work with me page to get an idea of how we can do that.  If you have another idea, but don't see it listed, contact me directly and we can chat about it!